EBF Open Symposium 2016

November 16-18 | Barcelona, Spain

Our Bioanalysis team will be attending and presenting at the 2016 EBF Open Symposium.

Our posters

A challenging high drug tolerance observed during the validation of a direct solid-phase ADA ELISA for the screening and confirmation of anti-human protein X antibodies in mouse serum samples 
Authors: E. Vicentini, C. Cazzin, M. Breda

Development and validation of a bioanalytical method for quantification of LNA-i-miR-221, a 13-mer oligonucleotide, in rat plasma using LC–MS/MS 
Authors: A. Greco, S. Franzoni, A. Vezzelli, A. Turtoro, M.T. Di Martino, P. Tassone, M. Breda

Our presentations

Benefits of high sensitivity - A clinical case study and overall lab productivity

Improvements in compliance and work efficiency with the implementation of a UNIFI Network

Presenter: Marco Michi
Waters mini-workshop on November 15th at 6:30pm

Marco will be a speaker at the Forum discussion on harmonized implementation of OECD-17 on November 16th, 2:00pm.

Our attending experts

Marco Michi
Elena Vicentini
Alessandro Greco
Massimo Breda

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